Healing Whiplash Injury: The Fastest Way to Get Relief

Learn how to heal a whiplash injury quickly and effectively with personalized treatment from experienced professionals at iMed Regeneration Center.

Healing Whiplash Injury: The Fastest Way to Get Relief

Rest may be beneficial for a day or two after the injury, but too much bed rest can slow down the recovery process. After two to three days of applying ice, you can apply moist heat to the neck, but only after the initial swelling has gone down. You can use hot, damp towels or take a warm bath. Like any other injury, rest can help ease the symptoms of whiplash.

A few days of bed rest can help you recover, but too much inactivity can be detrimental. Neck structures may weaken due to prolonged immobilization. Your doctor will tell you how long you should rest and any movement restrictions you should follow. Rest may help for the first few days after the injury, but you'll need to be active to complete your recovery.To prevent muscle stiffness and decreased physical strength, your doctor is likely to incorporate light exercise or physical therapy into your treatment plan.

While you can take steps to get immediate relief from whiplash, you can expect to feel some pain until your soft tissue heals. The quickest way to a full recovery is personalized treatment from the experienced team at the iMed Regeneration Center.Most people think that you have to be hit hard in front or behind to get a whiplash, but the truth is that you only need speeds of 5 or 10 miles per hour to get a shake good enough to cause a whiplash. Acupuncture is generally not recommended for people with whiplash, but considering that it can reduce both pain and inflammation, it might be something worth considering. While whiplash can cause chronic neck pain if not treated properly, not all chronic neck pain is caused by whiplash.Whiplash is often associated with car accidents, but it can actually be caused by other types of mishap, such as rodeo sports, bicycle accidents, skiing and diving.

There are few or no scientific research studies available on acupuncture and whiplash, but there are numerous anecdotal reports in which patients found relief from pain and stiffness.More than 3 million Americans suffer from whiplash every year due to traffic accidents alone. When the head and neck are injured due to a strong and rapid movement back and forth, it is often referred to as whiplash. Even if you don't suffer from whiplash, you can have severe neck pain due to neck technology (looking down on phones or tablets), workstations that think ergonomics is a French restaurant term, or for a variety of other reasons.Whiplash should be handled gently and only when the doctor determines that it will benefit from a mild adjustment. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese procedure that involves placing very fine needles on special “energy points” within muscles to stimulate healing.

In most cases, with these types of whiplash injuries, the pain occurs immediately or is felt within a few days, but sometimes the symptoms of whiplash may not appear for weeks or even months after an accident.It turns out that about half of people with a whiplash injury develop a chronic pain condition called whiplash-associated disorder (WAD). The best way to prevent WAD is with immediate treatment that alleviates pain and speeds up the healing process.Perhaps one of the worst things about whiplash is pain, which can affect every aspect of your life. If you want to seek help for whiplash in Wellington, look no further than the Advanced Medical Clinic.